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At NOLA PRINT HOUSE, LLC we specialize in recyclable cardboard, foam and plastic displays for all your POP needs. You can have your special display created by us or send us a design and we can produce and print it to your specifications. We use the latest technology that includes the V CUT which allows us to create unique shapes and adds extra strength to the structures for added weight and capacity.


Up to 1080 dpi. We can print 4′ x 8′ sheets of any substrate as well as any length roll to roll up to 80 inches wide. Our list of printable products includes roller-ups, window and door graphics, signs, banners, vinyl, PVC floors and much more. We use UV inks for durability and sun resistance.

Custom Booths

Our convention displays are constructed from 10mm or 13 mm Falconboard, a structural honeycomb cardboard that offers almost limitless possibilities for your projects. Falconboard comes in 4′x8′ sheets and can be cut into many shapes and sizes. We then use joints, called BOARDers, specially designed for use with the Falconboard panels to create flat backdrops, corners and many other designs and shapes. The displays are lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be shipped flat from your office to the convention site and back. You can choose from our sample designs or have us custom design and build one to meet your specific needs.

Boxes & Packaging

We can provide you with that custom personalized printed box for your product or event without having to order large quantities, we produce based on your demand which saves you time and money not keeping and paying for large inventories.


Unique creations, 100% recyclable, light, functional, are just some of the advantages of our line of FalconBoard furniture. Perfect for conventions, college dorms, play rooms, offices. We can personalize your order with unique prints, your company logo, or your kid’s name.

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